Abhinav Potineni

I am a Senior at the Academy of Science and Rock Ridge High School. I want to bridge the diversity & socio-economic gap in the STEM field. I pursue the goal not only through my community outreach initiatives (Founder CodingMadeAccessible, AI&ML club, designer of AI summits) or my research (Inventor of substance use disorder prevention initiative using machine learning) but also by dedicating time to de-stigmatizing disorders. I partnered with various national-non profits, and housing authorities and ran social media campaigns to bring awareness to at-risk communities. I believe shifting mindsets is crucial to making the world a more equitable place.

Additionally, I Collaborated with researchers (Celebrated American Author & Biologist Carl Safina, Oceankind founder & Google Moonshots Lead Evan Rappaport, and United Nations FAO Goodwill Ambassador Chef Rodrigo Pacheco) to prevent illegal fishing in Marine protected areas.

I keep company with my blind grandmother. My pet dog Molly is five years old.

I am always looking to collaborate and learn new things- feel free to message me to talk more about my work or the field in general! Read more about my experience at abhinavp.com



Cheluvi Potineni

My name is Cheluvi Potineni, and I am a student at Rockridge High School. I am passionate about equal opportunities, and in my spare time, I like to play video games and talk to my friends. I also like to sing. I founded a debate club at my school in 7th grade and I ran the club with a couple of friends. Thank you for visiting Coding made accessible!

2000 Schools

Coding Made Accessible took up the challenge of reaching out to 2000 schools across USA by December 2025.

At Coding Made Accessible we believe that sharing knowledge is the most fundamental act of friendship. Many underprivileged students across schools in USA don’t have access to STEM resources. We are committed to making coding accessible to all.

We aspire to boost the number of underrepresented children in technology. We hope that the skills imparted by our programs will empower the young girls and boys to occupy the STEM space.