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Dr Sreeram Murthy- Key note speaker at the Coding Made Accessible Artificial Intelligence Summit

Dr Sreerama Murthy, CEO and Chief Data Scientist, Quadratyx.

Dr. Sreerama K. Murthy is an experienced data scientist; a globally respected mentor in AI, machine learning, big data & automation; and a successful serial entrepreneur. With experience spanning three decades. Dr. Murthy has been recognized as the first Indian to earn a PhD in Machine Learning (Johns Hopkins University, 1995).

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Murthy has applied data science to hundreds of problems across industries, functions and geographies. Some recent examples of his teams’ work include – real-time fraud detection in banking, data-centric determination of the side effects of drug use, information extraction from videos, AI for fashion and styling, serendipitous placement of advertisements, boosting per sales person revenues, predicting staff attrition, agricultural demand forecasting, AI-driven digital transformation of massive enterprises, extraction and validation of information from judicial and financial documents, next-generation conversational bots for citizen services, and plugging energy leakages in distribution networks.

A distinguishing feature of Dr. Murthy’s career has been the ability to foresee new applications of AI, ML & Big Data many years ahead of the market. His image & text analytics work with Hubble Space Telescope (early 1990s), sophisticated computer-aided medical diagnosis systems (late 1990s), use of machine learning for individualized teaching and vocational skilling (early 2000), plus his entrepreneurial activities on AI-centric logistics, digital rights management and data compression, all justify labels like “AI Visionary” and “Big Data Rockstar” bestowed upon him by the community. Dr. Murthy has published scores of international publications in AI/ML and holds 21 patent applications (9 issued). He has been an invited AI speaker at prestigious forums like the Trilateral Commission, the US-India Forum, CII National Summit, Concordia summit, etc.

Dr. Murthy’s deep passion for teaching and mentoring has earned him the distinction of being among the “ten most prominent analytics academicians” in India. Dr. Murthy has physically taught thousands of data science professionals and conducted scores of senior management mentoring sessions. He led the production of thousands of hours of multimedia content and built large data science teams from scratch.

Dr. Murthy is currently the CEO and Chief Data Scientist of Quadratyx – a company that creates novel AI, ML, Big Data and Automation solutions for dozens of global enterprises. Dr. Murthy lives in India and works around the world, spending his spare time on yoga, music, literature and social service initiatives.

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