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Thank you for considering donating to Coding Made Accessible. We rely on sponsors to support and expand our activities.




We at Coding Made Accessible have targeted to build 100 circles by the end of year 2021. Below are the details of our founders and our current circles across USA.

Our volunteers are reaching out to students, schools, mentors and donors to make coding accessible to all. Please click on the circle to know more.


Coding Made Accessible took up the challenge of reaching out to 2000 schools across USA by December 2021.

At Coding Made Accessible we believe that sharing knowledge is the most fundamental act of friendship. Many under privileged students across schools in USA don’t have access to STEM resources. We are committed to making coding accessible to all. We aspire to boost the number of underrepresented children in technology. We hope that the skills imparted by our programs will empower the young girls and boys to occupy the STEM space.

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