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Coding Made Accessible - The journey

Purpose of the Non profit
Next steps

Our Outreach program

How did we reach out to Housing authorities and Title 1 schools


Our Executive Mentors

Dr Sudha Iyer –  Executive Mentor

Education: BSc Microbiology, Mumbai University, MS Molecular biology, University of Notre Dame, MS Neurobiology, Johns Hopkins University, PhD Health education, Berne University.

Dr. Iyer has over 15 years of work experience, with international publications in learner psychology, behavior modification and instructional design. She led teams that developed thousands of hours of award-winning e-content. She is an expert trainer & motivator, who serves as a moderator for Aspen Institute’s Global Leadership programs. She conceptualized and led academic revitalization initiatives involving tens of thousands of rural and urban students across India, as part of Young Indians (YI) and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

Our first Artificial Intelligence Summit (2021)

The idea

Reaching out to keynote speakers

Planning the event

Inviting students





About the Founder- Abhi Potineni

More about Abhi ; Passionate about gender equality, race equality and socio ecoNOMIC equality in STEM

His hobbies – Gaming, hanging out with friends

His pet – His world – The smartest Boston terrier on planet


Taking care of the vegetable garden – Sustainable planet

CONRAD experience

His love for STEM

Giving back – All his clothes go to homeless in India

Volunteering to cook for homeless

About the Co-founder – Cheluvi Potineni

-More about Cheluvi: Passionate about gender equality, race equality, and Socioeconomic equality in STEM.

-Her hobbies: Drawing, gaming, and hanging out with her 2 best friends

-Her most favorite thing in the whole world: Her smart little puppy, Molly

-Her really really big fear of spiders, big and small.

-Planting trees, watching the birds in the garden

-She loves planting vegetables in the backyard as Molly tramples over all of them

-She started a very successful debate club at school with two friends

-Her love for STEM and Art

-She plays her part in giving back to the community by donating all her old clothes to poverty-stricken kids in India.

-She also finds unopened cans of soup and beans in the house to donate to homeless shelters each month


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