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We at Coding Made Accessible have targeted to build 100 circles by the end of year 2023. Below are the details of our founders and our current circles across USA. Our volunteers are reaching out to students, schools, mentors and donors to make coding accessible to all. Please click on the circle to know more.

Our Founder

Abhinav Potineni
My name is Abhi Potineni, and I am a sophomore at Academies of science and Rock ridge High School. I am passionate about bringing equal opportunities to all

Our Co-Founder

Cheluvi Potineni
My name is Cheluvi Potineni, and I am a student at Stone hill Middle School. I am passionate about equal opportunities, and in my spare time, I like to play video games and talk to my friends. I also like to sing. I founded a debate club at my school in 7th grade and I ran the club with a couple of friends. Thank you for visiting Coding made accessible

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